Technical Articles and Columns I have Written:

Genetic Engineering News Column

Monthly column on process improvements in Genetic Engineering News. A list of the past columns on this subject are:

Chemical Online / Pharmaceutical Online Column

I have also written a number of columns on technology issues in Chemical Online and/or Pharmaceutical Online. A list of the past columns on this subject are:

Draining Time for Unpumped Tanks

Calculating gravity-powered flows can be tricky because the head changes with time and vessel shape. Chemical Engineering June 2000, pp. 115-119.

Manufacturing - The Next Frontier for Biotechnology

By tapping into the knowledge avaliable in the chemical process industries, biotech companies can profit from the high potential of their industry. View point BioPharm September 1993.

Optimize Cycle Times for Batch Biokill Systems

Outlines the design and optimization of batch bioinactivation systems normally present in facilities using fermentors and/or bioreactors to produce their products. Chemical Engineering Progress October 1994.

Think Small

One way to minimize new plants' required size is to convert more aspects of pharmaceutical processes from batch to continuous systems, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Fall 2002.

Steadfast's Disposable Rotary-Drum Filter

Continuous Cake Filtration Device for Smaller Batches of Material, Genetic Engineering News, September 15, 2002.

Small Scale Continuous Cake Filtration using the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter

Steadfast Equipment explains how the introduction of the disposable rotary drum filter will enable users to take advantage of the process improvements associated with continuous cake filtration equipment, Filtration+Separation, 5 Nov 2003.

Blinded by Science?

Input from other industries can assist in making efficent Biopharmacuetical processes, Editorial, Bioprocess International, January 2004.

Plasmid DNA Purification Possibilities using the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter

This article will explore the use of these separation capabilities, combined with a new device, the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter, to produce a method analogous to continuous affinity chromatography that has the ability to economically purify plasmid DNA with ease and scalability, Bioprocess International, February 2004.

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